Pure Taste is a story of Providence, Health and Taste.

pure taste

Production and Performance at Rosedale are paramount but ultimately what we want to produce is the finest eating experience possible. The best Rack of lamb for Saturday night, the tastiest leg Roast ever.

Lamb at its best from the pastures of Southland or the hills of Otago. Pure Taste is where we would like to bring you some of the best dining ideas from some of the world’s top Chefs and Wine Makers who truly know about Rosedale lamb.

Wine and Dine

No one in the Wine industry knows more about Rosedale lamb than Timbo Morrison-Deaker. Privileged to have Michelin chef Philippe Vion spend many months at Rosedale, we let him bring his thoughts to you. Phillippe learnt the skill of growing lambs on the natural pastures of our rolling hills.

“Growbulk lambs thrive on my winter wet, summer dry hill farm.”
“For the last 9 years I have been flying from the Kaikoura Coast to Don’s farm to buy my Growbulk Rams. Growbulk lambs thrive on my winter wet, summer dry hill farm, and produce a good meaty carcass. On the maternal side the Growbulk ewe is intelligent and fertile. I have found Growbulks to be a tough, modern type sheep, with clear points and a bulky white fleece.”
— Pete Handyside, Conway River, Nth Canterbury

What We've Achieved

  • No. 1 NZ rank for Lamb Survival
    since 2003 measuring Lamb Viability at Birth.
  • Glammies Winner
    and 3 times finalist in New Zealand’s Tastiest Lamb
    since 2012.

  • SILACE as Trait Leader
    for Dual Purpose Meat Yield.

  • Plan B People & Planet
    We now offer a 5% donation from all rams sold to a charity, school, sports club, etc of your choice.
  • 400 sale ram hoggets
    tested with 5K SNP Chip(inc Myomax and Loinmax muscling genes.